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Finding Faith (2013)

Translated | Full Movie | Robert Cohn, Anthony Lam, 1 hr 57 mins.

An old man is about to be executed in ancient Rome, and then finds himself translated to the 21st Century where he is confused and homeless. When a truck driver picks him up in Rome, Oregon he discovers that the old man claims to be the Apostle Paul! In the spirit of Miracle on 34th Street, humor with a poignant message is delivered, about the condition of the Body of Christ in the U.S. The result: minds are changed, and lives are saved.

The Life Of Jesus Christ - LDS, 2.52 hrs.

Life Changes Everything.

Yeshua / Jesus Teaches a Samaritan Woman. Yochanan / John 4: 5-29

Yeshua / Jesus: Go and Sin No More, Yochanan / John 8: 2-11

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