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'Ensure your Calling' message by Rev. Dr. M A Varughese, 08th April 2018, 57 Mins. Malayalam.

Rev. Dr. M A Varughese, 'Ensure your calling-Spiritual Warfare-3" Part-VI, 18.3.2018.

Rev. Dr. M A Varughese || 'Ensure your calling- Spiritual Warfare" Part-IV || 18.2.2018.

'Ensure your calling', Part 3, Rev.Dr.MA Varughese, 11th Feb, 2018. 63 Mins. Malayalam.

'Ensure your calling', Part 2, Rev.Dr.MA Varughese, 04th Feb, 2018. 71 Mins. Malayalam.

'Ensure your calling', Part 1, Rev.Dr.MA Varughese, 28th Jan, 2018. 66 Mins., Malayalam.

12th Nov, 2017. Sermon By Rev. Dr. M A Varughese on "We are His witnesses", Part-II, 58 Mins.

"We are HIS Witnesses" by Rev. Dr. M A Varughese, Sunday 05th November, 2017. (Malayalam 59 mins)

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Sermon in Malayalam, 60 mins, date 17th Sept, 2017.

Sermon in Malayalam, duration 66 Mins, dated 03rd Sept, 2017.

"GOD of Israel" Malayalam Sermon by Dr.P.G.Vargis, 28th Aug, 2017 (57 Mins).

“Peculiar Nation” Malayalam Sermon by Rev.Dr.MA Varughese, 23 July, 2017, 56 mins.

"LORD's Word", Malayalam Message by Rev.Dr.MA Varughese, 16th July, 2017.

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