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Study on 'The Book of Revelation' in Malayalam:



This portion of the "Bible Study" is focused on the "The Revelation" & is in Malayalam Language. You may kindly select the desired chapter to proceed with the Bible Study. Please scroll down to read.

Introduction & Chapter 1    

Chapter 2    

Chapter 3   

Chapter 4   

Chapter 5   

Chapter 6   

Chapter 7   

Golden Alter 

The Trumpet   

Chapter 8  

Chapter 9 

Chapter 10 

Chapter 11   

Chapter 12  

Chapter 13 

Chapter 14 

Chapter 15 

Chapter 16 

Chapter 17  

Chapter 18 

Chapter 19 

Chapter 20 

Chapter 21 

Chapter 22  

Study on 'The Book of Revelation' in Malayalam by Santhamma Varghese.


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